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21/6-2001 We've flushed the band for a career in other bands. Maybe we will regroup again sometime, who knows? /r. 27/3-2000 We have broken our threesome-virginity on stage at taj mahal, together with sewergrooves. Take a look at the photo-shootout, taken by "C". /r. 30/1-2000 Today we agreed to be a threesome, now and forever. NO MORE SINGERS! /r. 21/1-2000 The news is that the band who in the beginning had five members, now is down to three. First the second guitar player ended his rock´n´roll career by dropping off, then our vocalist also "dropped" off for his own career as a black-blues-ikon. So then we where three. We are trying some singers, but no luck so far. Meanwhile we sing ourselves and are recording for a 7" with two songs; "Ivana" and "Oriental Flower". Otherwise the gigs are glowing with it´s absence! / r.